How You Can Avail Bus from Melaka to Cameron highlands

Traveling is fun as well as great experience for all. When you are set off traveling new land, it means you are going to uncover the beauty and culture of that place. It not only provides you happiness but also enriches your experience and you get the chance to mix up with other culture. Singapore is the place where nature lolls on the laps of sea, islands, beaches and tranquil exquisiteness of greenery. When you are set off visit places like Singapore, Malacca or Melaka, Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Cameron Highland and more, you need to have knowledge of transportation services of the places that you can travel without facing any trouble and your family can enjoy hassle free vacation.

How to Reach Cameron from Melaka?

When you have planned traveling Singapore, Malacca or Melaka, Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Cameron Highland, you will take a tour from south to north in Singapore. You will easily get many service providers or travel agencies that can arrange tickets for buses, train, air ticket and ferry for you and your family. You just need to choose the best one that you can enjoy your journey more comfortably as well as without any headache. If you already set to visit the historical places in Melaka and then you will start for are looking for direct bus from Melaka to Cameron highlands then you need to avail a break journey.

Benefit of Online Bus Ticketing Service
There is no direct bus route to Cameron highland to Melaka. You have to take bus from Melaka to KL and then you need to avail other transport to reach Cameron Highland. Generally, hundreds and thousands tourists visit to Melaka for historical interest each year. The place is renowned for its beauty. People who want to visit this place by bus from Cameron Highlands or Penang; they need to visit here by bus or flight from any other place of Singapore. You can find numbers of bus ticket booking services that book ticket online. If you want you can book your bus tickets visiting the office. Though, booking tickets online is preferable for many reasons,
• You can book ticket as fast as possible.
• You can choose your desire seat.
• You can pay instant and book your bus ticket on advance.
• You can avail discount for booking ticket online and you book it in advance.
• You can get email, message alert or receive a phone if there any changes in bus schedule.

The most important thing of booking bus ticket online is saving of time as well as your energy. You can channelize your time to your other activity. When you are in tour and need your ticket to visit another place, possibly you are unaware of bus terminus or bus ticket providers. Hence you can go online and book your bus ticket via online ticket booking portal and you can get the address of bus terminus or bus stop from the agents directly.

Though, you cannot get any straight bus from Melaka to Cameron highlands. You need to visit Kuala Lumpur first then you can get bus for Cameron highland.

Batam and Bintan Islands


Ferry rides are a great experience, as they are always Cool, refreshing, exciting, tranquil and oh so relaxing! Plus, on the positive side, it is so different from the hustle and bustle of the big city life. Undertaking a voyage on the cruise and going to different countries is a mind blowing opportunity. Most of us dream of going on a long vacation to some exotic location on a cruise. Wouldn’t it be amazing?

Knowing Singapore

Singapore, apart from being a hip and happening city, is also known for its good connectivity within itself, as well as the networks available to travel to various other locations all around the country. Singapore, due to this reason, attracts millions of tourists all year round. Multi-cultural population and easy going people make Singapore all the more a favorite holiday destination among the masses. Never seen before festivals and celebrations add on to the attraction of this place. Easy and economical modes of transportation are available, not only to go around within the city but also to explore islands dotting the Asian sub continent line.

Ferry Rides

batam-ferry-889Ferry rides are extremely popular in this country and are the chosen mode of transportation especially when going to these small islands. Hence, going on a ferry ride or even a cruise, is an absolutely exciting experience to undertake!

A word of caution, though! Book your tickets beforehand to avoid any last minute hassles. The Singapore Ferry Terminal at Harbour Front is an extremely busy port that follows a large number of networks of ferries to different locations. For example, book your tickets online through Singapore to batam ferry to reach the Batam Islands in Indonesia. Follow similar online patterns to book tickets to reach even the Bintan Islands, also located in Indonesia. The ferry network in Singapore follows a commendable time schedule and each and every scheduled ferry follows the estimated time very accurately.

The benefits of the ferry rides:

Hence, we can see how availing the facility of ferry rides is so advantageous. However, it is important to remember that a number of fraudulent activities take place online. Therefore, it is advisable to be aware and remain very cautious while booking the tickets.

You don’t want to be caught in an odd situation where in you realize that all the plans and money spent have been wasted for nothing. This only leads to a sour experience and a not so memorable aspect for your entire vacation. Going through verified and official websites and booking through them is highly recommended. Gather information and all the necessary facts and figures before thinking about taking the leap and shoving money for the rides.


What can you find the batam beach?

There are wide roads, ferry terminals, airport which makes it easy for the tourists and other people to connect with the island. All throughout the island there are big buildings, hotels and industries which make this place a good place for commerce and trade. Batam resort >> Click here.


Apart from this one can spend quality time in the island by shopping, trekking, fishing, enjoying delicious foods, visiting royal spa centers, golfing and by many other exciting events. These activities freshens the mind and also adds thrill to the life of the visitors. One can also experience the calm of nature away from the buzz of city life by staying on a remote island.

There are also jungles that can be explored by the visitors and vast sandy beaches where many tourists take sun bath. The cottages which are built on stilts attract the tourists of Batam to enjoy the blue sea.